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Texts - Inspirations

A short summary of suggestions, insights, "wisdoms" and other short texts on the most different subjects.

This "collection" will be extended again and again - the newest texts are "refilled from above".

Everything is easy until you make it complicate. And everything stays complicate until you realize, that it isn't.

True satisfaction is when there is no longer any need for satisfaction.

Whatever you take serious and personal, it happens because of errors.

Whatever you take seriously and personally - they happen because of falsities.

... is (among others) the freedom of the believing, that you apparently have to hunt for any kind of freedom.

Funny, that so many people are attached to non-attachment ;)

The "silence" is a concept which often causes a lot of (mental) noise.
"I should connect to the silence more often ....", "I have to come in the silence much better .....", "Wehen i reach the silence, then ...." etc.
What remains when you leave this seemingly necessary "silence" beside?

Finally every mess starts with the erroneous believe of the people, to be something what they dont really are.

WATCH the thoughts ..... coming and going ..... AND you will SEE that you are never the author of any thought

... is "Who am I?". Some spiritual teachers, as Ramana Maharshi for example, requested to follow this question. And that not for no reason. Put this question to yourself - again and again. Or what is easier: "What am I not?" And watch ;)