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healing & clarity : Depression
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I am happy to report on my experiences and observations around the topic of depression if required. In my "personal history", for example, there were depressions and burnout-like sensations that disappeared into thin air, so to speak, with the appearance of a "recognition". However, this is neither a reproducible "thing" or method nor a "promise of healing".

Talks on the subject of depression are primarily about observing the mind and physical reactions on special thoughts. This exploratio can result in the realisation of some painful errors as well as delightful "aha"-moments. As painful errors perfectly nourish depression they can also be seen as a wonderful opportunity to get to the bottom of ones suffering.

What "power" does depression have if it is not taken seriously (in the sense of being important and meaningful)?

It is never the situations themselves that are felt to be distressing (mentally, psychologically, spiritually), but the thoughts around them that are considered to be true - i.e. the thought structure that has arisen in this regard.

Depression arises when the "pression" of thought constructs one erroneously identifies with seem to be unbearable. So it can be a wonderful invitation to unmask this error and drop it.

That which is meant to define you (as "someone") can on the other hand be a burden and "de-press" you.