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Single Sessions

How a single session proceeds in detail depends on the individual situation and the wishes of the customer.

Individual sessions aim for improving one´s general wellbeing or can be concerned with one concrete theme: an aspect of the body, the mental or emotional system. Most of the time, yet, it is a combination of all of them. While physical diseases are often causing mental and emotional aspects, so on the other hand mental and emotional aspects are influencing the body. It is not helpful to define a strict separation between those aspects. Even if you are concerned with pure mental subjects as for example in communication, those subjects also have impacts on the body.

Individual talks and treatments can take place in my camper or at your place. If it is only about talks, they can also take place in almost any quiet area. Above all a certain seclusion in the nature can be absolutely pleasant and helpful.

Healing methods are Intuitive Healing and Massaging, Frequency Healing, Essential Healing and Quantum Healing. You find more details on the corresponding and other pages. Very often there will be a combination of two or more methods – according to the special situation. Mostly Intuitive Healing and Massaging is the base for my work and other methods come along intuitively except you prefer a special method.

Talks are about to detect and remove erroneous ideas and perceptions and to come to "a little bit different point of view". More about it on the page Talks.