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Single Sessions

The details of an individual session depend on the wishes of the client.

Individual sessions can, for example, aim at a general increase in physical well-being or focus on mental or emotional aspects - but usually it is a combination of all. Just as mental and emotional aspects play a certain role in physical complaints, mental and emotional aspects also have an effect on the physical level. It does not really make sense to make a strict separation here. Even when it comes to mental issues such as communication, physical symptoms also play a not insignificant role.

Both conversations and treatments can take place either with me or with you - or also in a suitable place in nature. Especially a certain seclusion in nature can be quite pleasant and beneficial.

Methods that can be used in individual sessions include Intuitive Healing and Massaging, Frequency Healing, Essential Healing, and Quantum Healing. Details can be found on the corresponding sub-pages. Intuitive healing and massage is often the basis, so to speak, and other methods are added as needed - unless a specific method is explicitly desired.

Talks are usually about clearing up various erroneous ideas and perceptions and arriving at a "slightly different view of things". More about this can be found on the page Talks.