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healing & clarity : Pit (Peter Hocke)
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Pit (Peter Hocke)

Pit (Peter Hocke)

Born with journalist and artistic blood of his Viennese forefathers on his mother's side and with Teutonic thoroughness on his father's side on the 15.12.1960 in Vienna

As the son of a doctor, from an early age in touch with the subject of Healing and Health

After spending 6 months in Asia in 2002/2003, the latent but existing interest in spiritual and healing subjects and questions (for example about meanings, freedom etc.) increasingly came to the fore. This caused the involvement with different religious systems and spiritual approaches or techniques and above all more and more intensive introspection.

Moreover, it also led to an increasing interest in and, employment of, psychological, philosophical, spiritual subjects and "to alternative remedial methods", as well as appropriating and deepening suitable attempts, methods, practices and approaches.

While on the one hand the above resulted in an ever "clearer view of things" and seeing through of the illusionary, but important ideas and imaginations, at the same time more and more often depressive feelings came up (whose absurdity was seen more and more often). After a kind of "realisation" these depressive feelings disappeared as a kind of side-effect. This also caused the seeing of the illusionary but at the same time the lively, light and playful character of the world (of the "being") with its imaginations, concepts and misapprehensions (for example, to be an independent person with a "free" will"), including this "personal story" summarised here.

Among others, completed employment with and educations in Phonophoresis (Frequency Healing), Essential Healing, Reiki (master), Japanese remedial streams (Jin Shin Jyutsu), Quantum Healing, intuitive laying on of hands and massaging ...