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Essential Healing

Essential healing was developed by Gaia Michael Zipf as a result of his experience of essential common characteristics, knowledge of spiritual remedial methods and that gained from different seminars. Essential healing is a kind of inner attitude to all experiences, events and situations - so it is not so much a therapy but more a way of living which can affect everything.

You can imagine an essential healing session in the following way: A healthful room is created or offered (by me) in which everything is "allowed" to be and can arise naturally and where nothing has to be done. So everything can deeply relax and, at the same time, everything may arise and appear and so it can be seen and detached, which will have a healthy effect.

The healing effect of Essential Healing sessions can occur very quickly or it may take some time. "Packs of 3 sessions" within a not too long timeframe are recommended. However positive changes can be achieved in just a single session.

An individual session lasts about 30-40 minutes. Afterwards you should take a little time for an "inside view". During the session you lie calmly on your back and are held gently at your shoulders and your head. In most cases this and a space of safety, security and comfort which is created by my presence causes a fast and deep relaxation. Supporting music is played - however, the session also can take place in silence.

Essential Healing can also take place as "distant healing", as known from Quantum Healing and Reiki.

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