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Searching? ... On the run? ... Sorrowful future, incriminating past? ... Interested in an "other point of view"? ... Fears and feelings of guilt? ... Everything seems hopeless? ... Feelings of senselessness? ... Relationship problems? ... Decision problems? ... Gnawing doubts or discontentment? ... Annoyance with boss or colleagues? ... Stress at home or on the job? ... Feeling stress of leadership? ... Feelings of inferiority? ... Fear of failure? ... Disappointed and frustrated? ... Depression / Burnout? ... "This cannot be everything"? ... Who / what am I really? ... and anyway?

This is just a small extract of questions or subjects which could be well known from most people. And in most cases sooner or later they grow up to a more and more burdensome and nearly unbearable entity.

The aim of the talks, consultations, meetings etc. is not a new fragile rigid concept with a more or less long expiry date, but a fundamental lasting change. The principle of "watch and see" can be understood as a very simple way of observing "things" in the so-called here and now. No special skills or knowledge are needed.

A little openness to new and perhaps unfamiliar perspectives is definitely an advantage, as is the willingness to scrutinise and question some oh-so-evident ways of seeing and behaving. But if you didn't have this, you would probably have left this site already.

Many things take care of themselves or appear in a different light when the ideas of what one believes to be are unmasked as pure thinking or believing. as long as one identifies with occuring thoughts or feelings, pain and suffering will occur, too. uncovering these misconceptions can be very helpful and relaxing.

The primary goal mentioned above with its "positive side effects" and the corresponding approach is suitable for both the private and business spheres. A lighter, clearer and more lively view has positive effects on all areas of life.

As a rule, it is advisable to first have an individual discussion with both partners before the joint counselling. How this is done in individual cases depends on the individual situation.

The counselling sessions can take place either at your place, in my mobile home or, in principle, at almost any other location. Especially somewhat secluded places in nature can be very suitable for this.

Yes, but of course actual meetings always have a different "quality" than telephone calls or online conversations. For geographical or other reasons, however, this is not always possible, and then telephone and online conversations are a good alternative.

Yes, I also offer such talks. However, this should be discussed individually.

Yes they can. You can find out more about this on the corresponding page on the subject of depression.