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Searching? ... On the run? ... Sorrowful future, incriminating past? ... Interested in an "other point of view"? ... Fears and feelings of guilt? ... Everything seems hopeless? ... Feelings of senselessness? ... Relationship problems? ... Decision problems? ... Gnawing doubts or discontentment? ... Annoyance with boss or colleagues? ... Stress at home or on the job? ... Feeling stress of leadership? ... Feelings of inferiority? ... Fear of failure? ... Disappointed and frustrated? ... Depression / Burnout? ... "This cannot be everything"? ... Who / what am I really? ... and anyway?

This is just a small extract of questions or subjects which could be well known from most people. And in most cases sooner or later they grow up to a more and more burdensome and nearly unbearable entity.

The aim of the talks, coachings, meetings etc. is not the thousandth rigid concept with a more or less long expiration date, but a basic and lasting "healthy" change. Here, a lively watch-and-see (observing and recognising) in the so called here and now plays a major role. In principle, a very simple thing which assumes neither certain abilities nor special knowledge.

And beside the practical and everyday aims and questions "the question of all questions" very often coexists: Who / what am I really? If this is recognised - or better said, the imaginations of what we believe to be are revealed as delusions - most of it sorts itself out.

A little bit of openness to new and maybe unusual perceptions is of advantage anyway, just as the willingness to keep a close eye on these so familiar and matter-of-course perceptions and behaviour patterns, and to challenge them. But if this is not the case, you would probably have already left this page.

The primary aim is the guidance to an introspection which can lead to a "recognising" or a little bit of another view of "things", remove their perceived heaviness and thus give way to a "lighter and clearer liveliness". In support of the talks, in particular different methods and exercises can be used concerning practical questions and aspects. How the talks develop and what methods are used, varies from case to case and, of course, also depends on the clients’ wishes and needs. However, every method is no more - and no less - than a temporary aid; a sort of crutch to which one should not lean on.

Relaxing and healing arrangements can be helpful too. For example Intuitive Healing and Massaging.

This is the "heart of all questions". If you recognise what you are - or better: what you aren’t - most questions will sort themselves out or will be seen in a different light. For as long as you don’t "see" this, you will identify with every possible thought, which sooner or later will be more or less sorrowful. Uncovering these misapprehensions as what they are, can be very helpful - even when the realisation of what you really are hasn’t unfolded yet and the relating usual erroneous imaginations are still there. Finally this is not "doable" - it just happens or not.

Yes and no. Spiritual without spiritual fuss may be the best way to describe it. If spirituality is combined with the newest esoteric concepts, the answer is definitively “no”. If self-search or self-inquiry is seen as a kind of meditation or spiritual practice, the answer is “yes”. And finally, "spirituality" is not more and not less than a concept that everybody has individual and different imaginations about.

The primary goal mentioned on top concerning the "positive side effects" and the suitable approach suits both the private and the business area. A lighter, clearer, livelier view has a positive impact on all areas of life.

aving individual talks with each person usually is a good idea before a joint coaching or talking session takes place. However in the end it’s up to the individual and his/her situation.

The talks can take place at you or in my Camper or at nearly every place. First of all a little bit secluded places in nature can be very convenient.

Yes, but live encounters also have a different "quality" than phone calls. But because of geographical or other reasons this is not always possible, and phone calls and online talks may then be a useful option.

JYes, however, this should be discussed individually. I also offer meetings / talks in the style of satsangs as well as on subjects revolving around communication. You’ll find more info on the respective page.

Yes, that is possible. More about it: Depression