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Frequency Healing (Phonophoresis)

Tuning forks for frequency healing / phonophoresis

During frequency healing - or Phonophoresis, as it is normally called - I use tuning forks with different frequencies. The work with the tuning forks brings the body-soul-mind-system quite individually into the optimum vibrational state. Everything is connected by vibrating fields - the universe, the stars, all living beings and all people; we all are one. Also solid matter is a form of vibration. You can feel the vibrations of the tuning forks in your body in a wonderful way and will feel light, lively and harmonised. In addition, blockades can be detected and removed with the help of the tuning forks which, in turn, enables energy to flow freely through your body again.

Because frequency healing is not attached to affirmations, dogmas etc. but works at an energetic level it is suitable for people, animals and plants.

Tuning forks and singing bowls with different frequencies are placed on different places of the body - sometimes also without direct contact. These can be, for example, chakras, acupuncture points and painful or convulsing areas.

healing & clarity : Place and some tools for treatments

Before the treatment ...... some "tools" waiting for the client:

The initial or universal treatment primarily brings on a stream of energy to the system and affects relaxation, well-being and removes blockades. It is also suitable for the improvement of the well-being with colds, states of exhaustion, depression and other uncomfortableness. The duration of an initial or universal treatment is about one hour to 90 minutes.

The aspects in ourselves which do not fit in the "self-image" which we have (constructed) are often repressed, covered, suppressed or prevented in other ways to appear. This may be a question of annoyance, grief, fury, anger and fears. Thus - metaphorically speaking - those aspects wrest a living in secrecy and they are brewing sooner or later to a heavier and heavier and with it more and more unbearably growing mixture. And even if apparently successfully kept under wraps, this "brew" shows effects - which may be are to suppressed again and join to this fatal mixture.

With the help of a special tuning fork and my ability to recognize and unveil such grievous, edged out and suppressed conglomerations, if required, then its getting down to the core of the matter. So, quite a lot of things can arise, what seemingly may be not pleasing for the moment at all. But all that is allowed to appear and is seen or recognised, can dissolve - what was hardly possible until then. This process is also an excellent opportunity to recognize some partly deep-rooted misapprehension and erroneous believings - an extremely liberating disillusionment.