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Feedback - what people are saying

My husband and I met Pit by chance in Portugal. Perhaps it was not a coincidence but a kind of predestination that we were neighbours on the same motorhome site. We found Pit to be a very interesting person to talk to. Unfortunately, at that time (March 2023) I was suffering from severe back pain and so my mood was depressed. During our conversations Pit told me that he had experience with such pain / blockages and maybe he might be able to help me.
I got involved with treatment, which was a very good decision for me. Pit treated me in the open air overlooking a lake, which was a very beautiful, intense experience for me. Never before had I been able to relax so much during a treatment! Pit was able to release my blockages in my spine and also loosen my inner blockages with tuning forks and singing bowls. After 3 treatments I could move much better, my mood was good again and I was really relaxed!
Thank you very much and when we are travelling in Portugal next time, we are looking forward to meet Pit again. (Jenny / Germany)

I had problems with my shoulder for a while. It was only possible to move it to a limited extent and it hurt a lot. I had already been to various doctors and alternative practitioners but unfortunately without any clear success. After Pit's first treatment I was able to move it much better and the pain was only very slight. After the second appointment I could move the shoulder again without pain and restrictions and this has not changed until now (about 6 weeks later). (Mara / Portugal)

In January 2018 I felt physically and mentally bad. I contacted Pit and after some coaching and tuning fork treatments I can see an obvious improvement of my situation. It seemed to me like a housecleaning in which the dusty ideas were uncovered and enriched by clear ways of thinking. In this "cleaning work" I was able to discover myself, which changed my inner attitude. The observations are difficult to put into words. In the meantime I am a fan of tuning fork treatments. What words could not achieve in many years of therapy had been solved quite quickly with me. I'm fine now. Should it change again, I hope to be able to meet Pit. (Dagmar - Portugal)

Dear Pit, in July you healed my back in your own special way. For that I would like to thank you again today. How you work with the tuning forks and singing bowls is really extraordinary and very beneficial, as it turned out after your visit. My body movements felt easy again after a long time and my mood I would call elated. Get in touch when you're in my area ... who knows what needs to be cured ... ;-) I can recommend you very much. (Maria - Belgium)

Pits energy and body work is just on the point, without problem fixation it´s been done what has to be done. Intuitive, clearly and pragmatically with present issues... its good for the body, everything gets back in its place. If the opportunity arises, welcome again. (Ronny - Germany)

The sensitive treatments of Pit have made the knot feel noticeably easier, that I was sensing. Inwardly, I felt calmer and strengthened afterwards. The relief of the knot has been going on so far (about 4 weeks after the treatment) :-) ... unfortunately Portugal is too far away for me at the moment for a current further treatment. (Bettina - Germany)

You were my savior on our Portugal tour in the spring of 2017. With insane sciatic pain, I asked for your help. I would never have believed that some of my "retracted" vertebras and some targeted grips left me free of pain. But it was like that. And the next day everything went much better and on the next day the pain was gone. Thank you very much, also for your advice on what I could do better and differently in the future regarding my back and strengthening. (Manuela - Germany)

I like the simple, uncomplicated and spontaneous talks I have with Pit in nature. The partly enlightening answers I appreciate very much and they can point in a direction in which you might not have looked before. (Helge - Portugal)

I remember a very deep relaxation - perhaps better to be described as trance - very light and empty in the head - and a fine vibration in the body. It was as if the sounds and vibrations "know" where they are needed in the body and there they were felt. Sometimes more sometimes less. I think that in some places i was just less permeable, in other places more could flow. I am a very sensitive type and I was happy afterwards that I had no side effect or something like "initial aggravation". So it was very balanced, not too much, not too little input information through the singing bowls and tuning forks. (Simone - Germany)

Thanks for your - even sometimes merciless brutal - disillusioning waking up. (Yvonne - Germany)

Something has changed in me since your visit. I´ve not been able to describe this correctly yet. I'm trying to put it into words: I'm more on the "Satsang track" again, have more of the desire to explore being - I managed to watch better .... after your visit. Meanwhile it got a bit less .... but it just felt good, that you gave me a piece of your mind. I thank you very much for that. You "just" have to stop by again soon, right? (Beate - Germany)