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on Tour

Since August, 2015 I have shifted my "main residence" to my camper with which I am on the move in Germany and also abroad (primarily Portugal). Thus I am now able to be mobile with my "offers".

Actually in the south of Portugal - Alentejo and Algarve.

I can offer individual meetings and treatments or group appointments if preferred. These can take place with you, or with me in my camper, however the space here is limited.

If you are interested: +351 968661991 or as per Contact

I have a postal address - you will find it here: Impressum.

My new workspace and "conference room" in which also some energetic and other treatments can take place - for groups, however, it is rather less suitable:

healing & clarity : Workspace

Before the treatment ...... some "tools" waiting for the client:

healing & clarity : Place and some tools for treatments