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healing & clarity: Holistic healing and clarifying talks and treatments
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Hello and welcome!

At first glance, we have two different subjects which in practice often mix and almost always influence each other. Just like clarity has healing effects, healing can improve clarity. And the other way round, a lack of clarity is not beneficial to health and bad health can be obfuscating. So I recommend you have a look at both aspects and bear in mind that healing is not limited to the physical body.

How a single session proceeds, depends on the needs and wishes of the client. For example, single sessions may aim at generally improving the physical well-being or address a specific aspect. This can be physical, mental or emotional - mostly it is a combination of all of them. For more information go to Single Sessions.

The talks are mostly about detecting mistaken ideas, beliefs and imaginations and how to remove them. And they help you to learn to look at things from a slightly different angle. More about it on the page Talks.

Yes, talks are also possible by phone or via WhatsApp. And for distant healing Essential Healing and Quantum Healing are suitable, for example. More about it: Distant healing and talks

Often it is not so much a matter of learning something new or acquiring other knowledge, but rather of recognising and removing misapprehensions - i.e. of liberating de-illusionment. Not only is this valid in the spiritual area - though it is particularly valid there - but in almost all areas of life. Thus in communication many problems are ultimately caused by misapprehensions and illusions, which are so simple that recognising them may result in a fit of laughter. The same is valid for most (or all?) other problems and conflict situations - be it "with yourself" or with other people, situations and occasions.

Yes, because it is not necessary "to believe" in my treatments. Some of them are also suitable for animals. Usually I use Intuitive Healing and Massaging or Frequency Healing for animal treatments - or a combination of them.

Here it is, a short story about Pit

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Disclaimer: My treatments and talks are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding these treatments. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.